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Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 18 Game

According to numerous recent reports EA Sports have already started working on the next version of this football-based video game.So in this round up article, we have discussed on the FIFA 18 release date and price. Not only that, we have also shed some lights on the FIFA 18 gameplay, features, wishlist and the minimum system requirements to play this awesome game on your PC.

Not even a couple of months have been passed since the FIFA 17 was unveiled, the fans have started counting days for the next installment of this franchise, FIFA 18 to release, already. FIFA 17 with its ‘Journey Mode has created havoc among the fans and now they are excited about the upcoming FIFA 18 game.

FIFA 18 Release Date

Electronic Arts or the EA Sports first launched this legendary game in 1993 and since then they have successfully yielded a next installment every year. So you can stay assured that you will be able to play the FIFA 18 on your consoles or PC by the end of 2017.

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