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FIFA 18 Week 20 The best lineup: defense famous, Mertens three black 89

According to the players in reality, EA officials will be selected the best team per week. Today, FIFA 18 UT mode updated the best team of the week 20, this weeks best lineup did not appear too many fresh faces, the defense of Boateng, Juanfran, Nardo are all very familiar Defense backbone. Di Malia, who also performed well against Montpellier and Rennes, was also short-listed, while Neville, the Italian striker Meltens, did equally well and scored twice for Bologna One-third, after the total score reached 89!
343 starting lineup as follows:
Viviano (Sampdoria)
Boateng (Bayern Munich)
Juanfran (Atletico de Madrid)
Nardo (Schalke 04)
Tony - Cross (Real Madrid)
Quaresma (Besiktas)
Castiglio (Villarreal)
Mettler (Bordeaux)
Mertens (Naples)
Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain)
Kastic (Hamburg)
Van Clon Bruges (Oypen)
Arias (Eindhoven)
Fusca (Barcelona Hill)
Hannibal (Anderlecht)
Belguy 斯 ez (Feyenoord)
Petersen (Freiburg)
Diego - Castro (Perth Glory)
Fabrizio (Persian)
Nolan - Lu (Metz)
Sobota (St. Pauli)
De Thomas (Vallecano)
Keene (Verona)

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