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FIFA 18 potential 85! AC Milan striker two new aid actually as young teenager to force

At 22 oclock on the February 10, the 24th round of Serie A opened. AC Milan away point challenge ranked third in the Spar. Opening just two minutes, Milan will have made a fantastic start, Suo Su get the ball on the right side of the ball, the left foot pass to the restricted area, Romanioli header by the goalkeeper denied, teenager Curtone timely Follow-up fill network, AC Milan a lead to end the first half. The first 65 minutes of the second half, Suo Suo long-range goalkeeper fell to the ground denied, but also Cutroer, the first time the horse arrived, to help Milan to expand its lead.

In the end, with Cutroone scored twice, AC Milan win four goals away from Spar, the last eight games unbeaten, sweeping away the bad seasons initial record of the haze.

The best player in the game, no doubt to help Milan first record and establish the victory of Cutrone. As a teenager just over 20 years old, Cutrone has helped Milan scored 12 goals in all competitions this season, is the teams first shooter. You know, this is the high summer last summer, joining Andrei - Silva and Kalinini Milan scored the sum of the two goals!

Although young Silva has not yet opened the scoring account in the league, in his limited playing time it was not easy to score eight goals and send two assists, though all eight of the goals came from In the European Cup against the weak brigade goal, but only 22-year-old Silva also have a lot of time to prove their strength.

If Silva due to playing less time, the league has not yet taste the taste of the ball, to be grown. Then in the eyes of both coach is the first choice of Milan striker Kalinic hit more than half of the season but only contributed 4 goals 3 assists score is a bit justified. As the trios highest number of starts, longest appearances of Kalinic, in addition to the performance at the beginning of the season fairly pass, most of the rest of the time did not accomplish, the chance of waste is endless. In the first leg of the league against Turin, Carricki, who got the ball near the penalty area and almost got a single-handed attack, did not even choose to reach the box to finish but instead gave the team a pass and failed Lost as a striker has long been confident and decisive.

Curran inside the last night scored twice is definitely Milans biggest harvest this season, the style is like Milans Inzaghi young people are affectionately known as the fans, New Nine God. He is physically fit and strong enough to play, as long as he would play, it will threaten the other goal, but always appear in the most appropriate position is to let him see him on the Milan strikers hope. The Cutrone really did not live up to expectations this season, played 28 times in all competitions, scoring 12 goals, it is exactly the sum of goals from Kalinic and Silva two goals. You know, compared to joining the team last summer, two new aid, as the Milan Youth Training Cutrone can not spend Lige penny transfer fee!

In FIFA 18, Cutrone is also the future of the future, although the current comprehensive ability of only 71, but its potential has reached 85! There is a full 14-point space for growth, I believe Kurt Luo as long as such a state and the desire to survive the victory beyond the predecessors Inzaghi is not impossible! Moreover, compared to Nine Yeh, Cutrones body is more robust, more aggressive.

Andrea Silva, aged two years older than Cocuroone, has the same potential of 85, but because of its initial capacity of 6 points above Cútrone, there is no room for growth in Cutrone Big. Although expensive for C Luo personally appointed successors, the game attitude is also positive enough, but want to fully realize their potential, Silva still a long way to go.

Compared to two younger brothers, Kalinics days are not so good, after all, even if Silva state is not good, but still can take I am still young as a driving force for future efforts. But Kalinich, already 30, does not seem to have squandered much. Although the overall strength of 80, but the potential for the same 80, indicating that at least in the game, the 30-year-old striker has not been optimistic, there is not much potential to dig. As one of the three-man with the fewest goals, Kalinic will be able to add fuel to the second half of the season if he wants to continue serving as a forward.

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