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FIFA18 how extraordinary personal FIFA18 simple extraordinary skills to explain

Published: 2017/09/26 13:45:33 Source: Network Author: Oh
FIFA18 how extraordinary is the most practical? Many players like the FIFA series because of its flowing water can show the fancy operation of the audience turned the audience, the operation of the level of great difference between the enemy I can naturally show, but in the event of To a well-matched opponent, the fancy operation will actually become a drag on your offensive, more than the action and frequent operations are less than the other a slider. So this time still need the most simple and practical extraordinary skills to help the team to complete the attack, the following FIFA18 gives you a simple supernatural skills to explain, I hope to give you help.

First of all, we must first understand what kind of operation computing fancy, what kind of simple, in fact, this is not too clear division, whether it is fancy or simple must ensure that they can be proficient in the use of circumstances, in order to achieve the most perfect effect. The following PS4 handle the default button as an example, to tell you what I think of the simple operation.

New tactics:

1. Cruyff turned around: dribble towards the back when making a fake shot or fake pass (□ or ○ pick ×)

2.L1 turn: L1 is the 18 new accurate turn (before the non-contact ball with the disk becomes R1) operation is very easy to hold the L1 pull the left joystick can be more practical method is to face the defensive side or 270 Degree direction turned

3. Z Zig-Zag: This trick has a limit that dribble this ability to more than 80 the higher the better but the operation is too simple than the above is also simple that fast bevel or left and right toggle Left joystick other nothing needs

Old trick:

1.L2 + R2 emergency stop change

2.R1 without ball shaking change (which can be used alone and can be a simple pull the ball, acceleration and other combinations)

These are FIFA18 simple and practical skills, these are you?

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