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Sony May Have Snagged FIFA 18 Marketing Deal From EA

Electronic Arts FIFA is one of its highest-selling franchises, particularly in the European region, so its no surprise that console manufacturers are interested in marketing deals for the games. Over the past few years, EA Sports and Microsoft have remained in a partnership over FIFA but if the photo above is anything to go by, it looks like Sonys stepping up this year.
The photo was posted by Polish YouTuber Oskar Junajted Siwiec (pictured) on Facebook, who attended a FIFA 18 Coins event in Germany a couple of days ago. It was subsequently picked up by fans and has since been making rounds online but theres no official confirmation of anything yet so were taking this one with a grain of salt. Some are going as far as suggesting that this is a photoshopped image while others say that FIFA games are often shown off on PlayStation consoles in Germany. However, photos from last years FIFA event display Xbox logos on banners so were not sure if thats an accurate claim.
Either way, well find out in due course whether this picture means anything or not.
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